Southwest Airlines – Iflyswa Help Guide

Iflyswa is a web portal for ticket booking created by the southwest airline. It’s the easiest way to book a flight or check the flight detail in one place. The official website is and in this article, we will write about how to book tickets and total help guides.

About Southwest Airline


Originally known as Air Southwest which was created in 1967 change to the current name Southwest Airlines in 1971. Southwest Airlines has recorded caring most domestic passengers in a year and has 752 boeing airplane fleet. They employed more than 60,000 people have 103 destination in America and 10 other countries as well. Southwest Airlines is well known for its hospitality and they received the lowest number of complaints in the last 40 years. That’s why most people prefer to fly with Southwest Airline and this article will help them learn more about IflySWA portal.

About Iflyswa

Iflyswa or I fly southwest airline is the booking portal for the airline. It provides booking arrangements, seating, flight schedules, check-in, and more in one place. Users can even earn reward points for every purchase and redeem it directly from Iflyswa. Login Account

Iflyswa login

To access all the information on Iflyswa, the user needs to login to the portal. If you are already a member of Iflyiswa, then login is a fairly easy process, but if you are new to this, here is how to login on

  • Visit the officially
  • Now on the top of the website, you can find the login button
  • Once you click on the login, a pop up will appear
  • Now you need to enter your username or account number
  • After that, enter your password
  • If you are using your personal computer or laptop and doesn’t want to log in again then click on the remember me box
  • Once you complete the process and provide the correct information, click on the login button to access your dashboard. Registration Process 

If you are new to and need to register first to access, here is how.

  • Visit the official website of Iflyswa
  • Now click on the “Create account” near the login button
  • Now you need to fill out a registration form first.
  • You will need to write all the detail correctly in the right order, here is what you need to fill in
    • First name
    • Middle name
    • Last name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
  • After that, you need to provide your contact detail
    • Choose the country
    • Provide street address
    • State and zip code
    • Phone number with country code
    • Email address
  • Once you provide the contact detail, now you need to create your username and answer some security questions
  • First, write your user name and click on the check availability
  • If your username is available then create a strong password
  • After that, you need to answer two security questions
  • This will come in handy when you need to change your password on
  • After that, click on the box of email services you want and then click on the create account

Once you create an account on, you can easily login with your username and password.

Southwest Airlines services on

Southwest Airlines offers some of the best services and perks to its passengers and that’s why it’s one of the best in the market. Here are some of the services which can be accessed at

Iflyswa early bird check-in

Iflyswa early bird check-in

Southwest Airlines offers early bird check-in where passengers can automatically check-in to their flight. This option is available on Iflyswa where they only charge around 15$ to 25$ per passenger in one way. Whether the passenger chooses to print their boarding pass days before or just a few hours before, the confirmed boarding pass will be ready.  

One of the advantages of Iflyswa is a better boarding position. Because of early check-in, the boarding position will be assigned to the passenger within 36 hours which is 12 hours before the general boarding. This will improve the chance of getting a favorable seating position. 

With Early bird check-in on, passengers get the first chance of finding their overhead bins. Iflyswa early bird check-in is one of the most popular services and passengers love it. 

Iflyswa Transfarency

The definition of transfarency is Philosophy in which Customers are treated honestly and fairly, and low fares actually stay low—no unexpected bag fees, change fees, or hidden fees. Southwest airlines have some of the cheapest airfare in the country and that’s why they are the most reliable domestic airline.

Transfarency is not just a word or marketing gimmick for the southwest airlines but it’s their motto. They make sure that every passenger feels welcome and provides them with many services such as zero charges on first two bags, zero charges on flight change, and zero charges on live tv. They also provide many free drinks and snacks onboard and their employees are always helpful. Every single of those services is available on

Southwest Air Community on

Southwest Airlines doesn’t treat its customers as just passengers but a part of their larger community. They have a different forum on which is dedicated to providing all the correct information with all the latest news and changes. That’s why Iflyswa is a be\igger part of the Southwest airline because they don’t just connect flights but also stay connected with people. 

Iflyswa southwest air community provides inflight experience, announcements, reservations, Routes & Destinations, and more. That way it can help every single passenger and also provides useful information as well. 

Rapid Reward in Iflyswa

Southwest Airlines has some of the best reward programs that offer many ways to earn. This was designed for low-cost flights and economical classes which want to save more. With minimum purchase, passengers can get up to 35%, 40%, and 45% when purchasing rewards points. With the rapid reward, the program by Iflyswa can unlock better seating and at any time. There will be no blackout dates and points don’t expire. Points won’t expire for at least 24 months without any activity. 

Southwest airline offers rapid reward earning at more than 850 stores and earns up to 2000 reward points. Passengers can use this point for shopping or flight tickets and more. These rewards points by Iflyswa can also be redeemed at some of the online retailers as well. 

Change flight on iflyswa

Change flight on iflyswa

Southwest offers zero charges on changing of the flights. These services are one of the best in the market and available on Iflyswa portal. Here are the services available on Iflyswa for change flights.

  • If a passenger is buying southwest airline tickets through credit card and if it gets rejected, the passenger would obtain full quantity in credit back. Those credits back can be available to use for one year to purchase any tickets.
  • While buying tickets with southwest credit cards or vouchers and it gets rejected, the whole quantity will get back in credit back. These credits can be used during the original time period of the voucher.
  • If any passenger is trying to buy a voucher and it gets canceled the full points will be returned back to the account. 
  • If the tickets are being purchased from a free voucher and it gets canceled. Passengers will get their free ticket back into their account for a limited time which is mentioned on the voucher.

Check iflyswa status of Southwest flight

Passengers can check their flight status directly from the southwest airline website or Iflyswa. They can also set alerts on their flights to know the arrival time or departure time.

The Iflyswa website has all the important features which can be used for every purpose. To know the flight details, just click on the flight status button and fill out the form. 

The passenger needs to put the name of the airport code or city on arrival and the same goes for departure as well. Once they complete this, add the date and flight detail which is optional at this point. After that passengers can get full detail of their flights. 

Southwest Airline Iflyswa

Southwest Airline Iflyswa

Southwest Airlines offers much more than cheap airfares, they offer comfortable traveling and economical transportation. Iflyswa has all the detail that any passenger needs, from buying tickets to early bird check-in. they provide some of the best in-flight services and reward points which is unheard of by any other airlines.