Iflyswa Mobile for Southwest Airlanes

Southwest airline is one of the most prominent airways in the country. They have a dedicated portal for their traveler to help them with boarding or schedules and other details. They also have a mobile app the same as Iflyswa Portal too. In this article, we will talk about how Southwest Airlines‘ mobile app works and benefits.

Southwest Airlines Mobile App

The mobile app is the same as the web portal which allows travelers to track their flights and provide important updates as well. There are many features in these apps that cater to the customers and guide them with information. Here is the list of benefits of Iflyswa mobile app.

  • Customer can check their flight status
  • They can book, check in or cancel andy international or domestic flight right from the app
  • Travelers can get their flight passes from their mobile
  • iOS users can save it in their Apple wallet and android users can save boarding passes in their google pay.
  • Add EarlyBird Check-In in existing reservation or while booking
  • Enroll in the Rapid Rewards account and access it with your phone.
  • Travel and weather alerts
  • For users who are logged in to their Southwest airline mobile app, they can utilize express check out.
  • User can access important information regarding the airport facilities and others

We hope this information is helpful to our reader regarding the Southwest Airlines mobile app. If you have any questions about IflySWA, then ask us in the comment section.

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